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Religious Liberty

We all have an interest in religious liberty.  It is the first right protected by the First Amendment, and it hearkens to the Declaration, which regards as self-evident the ideas that our rights are conferred by our Creator and that they are unalienable.

The Coalition

Today, freedom-loving Americans must actively defend liberties that the Founders asserted were beyond dispute.  Fireline Coalition brings together individuals, churches, and other groups to present a collective voice to protect religious liberties from governmental intrusion and compelled violation of those liberties.  “Firelines” will contain  the spread of government action that is adverse to our liberties, and the Coalition will target hot spots as they flare up.

What's Next?

Coloradans have the opportunity to stand for religious liberty.  Our voices may be better heard now than they have been in years.  Join us as we build firelines to stem the spread of cultural, legal, and political fires that have already curtailed, and could effectively end, religious freedom as intended in the Constitution.  Fireline Coalition is for our future.


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Fireline Coalition

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